Gray Cast Iron

It represents the most widespread type of cast iron and it is an Iron-Carbon alloy whose composition has variable levels of Carbon (C), Silicon (Si) and Manganese (Mn).
A fundamental characteristic of this material is given by the graphite which solidifies in the form of  flakes.
According to the customer needs or casting application field  (eg. Ingot molds, molds,  machine tools components, manifolds, etc.) there is the possibility to alloy cast iron with the addition of elements such as Copper (Cu), Nickel (Ni ), Chromium (Cr) and Tin (Sn).

Our technicians will advise you in choosing the suitable material to meet your needs.

According to the european standard UNI EN 1561 the grey cast iron in European Union is indicated with the acronym:


EN  = European Norm
GJL = Flake graphite cast iron
XXX  = number indicating the lowest tensile strenght  (Rm) in MPa 

#Material designation

Material designation
Tensile strenght
Brinell Hardness

Micrographies of the castings we produce.